The Gorg is a primary race within the Rétglain Ocuulti sector. Creatures able to evolve and adapt by consuming the nearby organisms, absorbing their DNA and splicing it into their own.



Gorgs can spit acid, able to melt softer metals with ease, and needing large amounts for stronger metals.


Gorgs can consume the wildlife of a planet and use whatever is useful to them from the creature’s DNA.


A Gorg can resist a good amount of damage, stronger ones able to shrug off bullets. There is a lot of armor on the face of the Gorg, this is known as it’s “Face Plate”.


The Gorg have a system where the strongest get the best for helping the entire pack, and the weakest get what they need to be nice and fairly happy.

Alpha Gorg

The Alpha of the pack decided by who can win a ceremonial duel between The Alpha and The Challenger, whoever wins is or stays The Alpha of the pack

Beta Gorg

The second in command of The Pack, and the mate of The Pack Leader, they are treated as well as The Pack Leader

Gamma Gorg

Everybody that isn’t the Beta or Alpha, treated as well as they are strong, the weakest are given what they need to be fairly happy, life is fairly good as a Gorg.


Some Gorg choose to be solitary, not joining a pack. Some of these Gorg also form small parties of other solitaries, while others stay alone.



The Gorg started as little slug creatures, on the planet Zurugas, but started to consume creatures with things like legs and acid, making themselves stronger and able to eat more things, evolving things such as scales, armor. Eventually something crash landed on the planet, a ship, seemingly whatever crashed, more landed and is fairly intact, so the leader consumed the bodies and learned to fly and went to new planets to grow ever stronger…

General Worlds

The Gorg had went planet hopping, leaving some of their kind to stay behind to keep their control over the planet, growing in power, becoming an expected species to any spacefaring species.

New Caledonia

Seemingly a normal landing, the Gorgs exited the ship, but suddenly after making a nest…The Dark One’s cultists took them all, they overpowered them despite the Gorgs destroying their enemies almost all the time, the Gorgs surrender, and The Dark One’s cultists started to control them, turning them from supporting all of their pack to only praising the strongest and despising the weak…At least the rest of them are completely fine.


The Gorgs assisted in evacuating the human and other sentient populations from New Caledonia to Hy-Brasil in the times leading up to the second cataclysm.


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