Custom Skins

The following skins were developed for use in the lore of Cianaodh Media’s, RÊtglainn Occulti stories as told through the game on our server.

The Gorg are a race of sentient beings capable of adapting their DNA based on what they consume and evolving whatever traits suit their needs quickly. They come in many variants adapted for the environment in which they currently live. These skins were created by Ultimaweapon956 for use in our lore.

Normal Gorg
Normal Gorg

The golden standard of Gorg. Can just about adapt to anywhere.

Snow Gorg

Due to the low amount of vegetation in the taigas, snowy plains and ice biomes, these Gorg tend to hunt more and thus camouflage in the snow.

The Valosani are a race of sentient beings who are capable of using psionic energy to direct the flow of matter in various ways. Some are capable of calling down lightning bolts or transforming and moving matter with their well trained minds. The are dedicated by a path which is part spiritual and part scientific and technological that was developed by an ancient leader they know as Hak’ai. These skins were developed by Ultimaweapon956 for use in our lore.

Valosani Warrior
Valosani Spectral Warrior