References For Players (General):

Celtic Myth Podshow: – Some of our lore draws from ancient Celtic folklore so some knowledge about these stories can help you on your journeys.

References For Players (Minecraft):

Command Reference: – A quick reference guide to player accessible commands on our server to help you find what you need faster.

Custom Skins:

DynMap: – A Dynamic Map of our world that you can view with your web browser.

Formatting Codes (From the official Minecraft Wiki):

Grief Prevention Claims Command Reference:

McMMO Wiki:

The once Official Minecraft Wiki:

Pretty Simple Shop (How to make and use shops):

References For Players (Minetest):

The Minetest Wiki:

Minetest discord:

Useful Tools For Builders:

Minecraft Building Blueprints:

Pixel Circle Generator:

Plotz Modeller for Minecraft:

Resources For Minetest Staff:

Minetest Modding Book by Rubenwardy –

MTSEdit User Manual –

Getting Started Lua Programming –

Resources For Minecraft Staff:

Citizens Wiki (For Creating NPCs):

Core Protect Guide (For finding out who did things, roll back damage from griefers, glitches or mistakes and other handy tools.):

Denizen Beginners Guide:

Dungeons Wiki:

Grief Prevention Flags Wiki:

Interactive Books (For creating books to use in game):

Lib’s Disguises Commands:

Minecraft Block ID Reference (From the Official Minecraft Wiki):

Minecraft Server Tools:

Mythic Mobs Wiki:

Sentinel ReadMe (For NPCs that fight):

Tellraw Generator: