Plugins & Features

Stacked up in the hot tub
Stacked up in the hot springs using the GSit plugin.

Well, let’s see. We change our plugins out once in awhile so this may or may not be a current list by the time you are reading this but we will try to keep it up to date. Also, we will try to include some features which we have set up that might not come from the plugins necessarily. One of the configuration choices we’ve made is loot chests (the ones found on shipwrecks, dungeons, villages, etc.) refill after twelve hours if they have been looted. So, no more following a treasure map only to find it has already been taken.

Citizens: NPCs that you can interact with while you’re online. Even if no one else is on, you might still have someone to talk to. Lol.

Coordinates HUD: Gives you the coordinates, direction you’re facing and the time of day right above your hotbar. Type /coordinates toggle to turn it off and on.

But wait, there’s more!

CoreProtect: Oops, did something bad happen to one of your builds or did somebody steal stuff from one of your chests? Our admins have access to this tool which can not only find out who did it but can also rollback the damage. Don’t take this as a reason not to use your land claims though. It’s up to you to protect your stuff. But, we have measures to catch and repair griefing even when things go wrong.

Dead Chest: When you die, your items are placed in a chest at the location you died and the coordinates are sent to you in chat. If you can get back to the place and defeat whatever killed you there your items will be safely waiting for you to retreive them.

Denizen: This scripting plugin allows us to add tons of custom features and make the NPCs more interactive.

DiscordSRV: You can chat with people on our discord channel while in the game on the server.

DynMap: A constantly updated and detailed map of the explored areas of our world.

EssentialsX: A comprehensive set of commands and tools to help make playing easier and more convenient. Things like coordinates, compass, warp to home, mail, etc.

Events: Custom events throughout the year with special build, mobs, loot and lore designed by our very talented staff and players.

Ok, we might have added a few plugins.

Grief Prevention: You can make claims to land you wish to manage and control who you will grant trust to access it, build on it, open chests. Etc. The more you play, the larger your land claims can be or the more claims you may have.

GriefPrevention Flags: Extra flags for extra configurations options with Grief Prevention. Helps the admins help you to have a better gaming experience. That’s what it’s all about, right?

GSit: Sit almost anywhere. Even on other players! Now, if you make a chair out of a staircase or something else, you can actually sit on it.

Where do they all come from?

Harbor: Only one third of the players online need to sleep in order to skip the night.

Heads Plus: Collect heads from the mobs you kill. Buy custom heads in the server shop to decorate your builds. Warning, this interface doesn’t work well for mobile devices. It might be best to get a friend on a Java client to buy heads for you.

Holographic Displays: It helps one of the other plugins display better images for you to see.

Interactive Books: Our books have more robust features than vanilla books which is good because most of us who play here enjoy a good story to share with our fellow travelers.

InvSeePlus: An admin tool that helps catch cheaters. Everyone likes a fair game after all. Well, most everyone.

Join-Leave: Custom messages when people join and leave the server. Because vanilla messages are boring.

Keep Chunks: Keeps certain chunks active. Useful for some things around spawn.

Still more…

LibsDisguises: This one helps our custom mobs, NPCs and even some staff members impersonate something or someone else for a fun feature to our roleplaying shenanigans.

LuckPerms: Handles permissions for various things. It’s an admin tool.

mcMMO: Gain skills in a variety of fields while you play which will give you a bit of an advantage the more you use them.

Multiverse: Why run just one world when you can have many? This allows us to provide you with different worlds set up in different ways that you can teleport in and out of.

Mythic Mobs: Our own creations for you to meet and conquer or befriend while you explore our roleplaying world and immerse yourself in our lore.

The list goes on.

Sentinel: For NPCs that fight.

Tree Assist: Drop those trees by just chopping the bottom block. No more climbing up to the top to get rid of floating trees. It all comes down at once and a new sapling is planted for you.

There are other plugins which are mostly admin tools and tools to allow more client types to join but we didn’t really feel they needed mentioning here as the list is already pretty exhaustive.