The Command Reference

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We’ve compiled a list of player accessible commands on the server here for a quick reference guide. This is a work in progress. But we think we’ve got most of the important stuff covered. If you see anything we’ve missed, please let us know.


/abandonallclaims – Abandon all of your land claims.

/abandonclaim or /unclaim – Abandon the claim you are standing in.

/abandontoplevelclaim – deletes the main claim in a subdivided claim but NOT the subdivided claims. Use /unclaim to delete subdivided claims within your parent claim.

/about – Tells you what server software and version we are currently running on.

/accesstrust or /at [name] – gives a player permission to use buttons, levers, and beds in your claim, but they cannot build, break blocks or access chests. Use public for [name] if you wish to give this level of access to everyone in your claim.

/acrobatics – Gives you your stats in the Acrobatics skill from McMMO.

/afk or /away – Mark yourself as away from keyboard. So people don’t think you’re being rude if you don’t answer them in chat.

/alchemy – Gives you your stats in the Alchemy skill from McMMO.

/alts or /seen [name]– Shows the last logout time of a player.

/am or /amsg or /automessager – A little info about the AutoMessager plugin.

/archery – Gives you your stats in the Archery skill from McMMO.

/axes – Gives you your stats in the Axes skill from McMMO.


/back – Returns you to the last place you were at. (Usually)

/balance Or /money or /bal – Shows you how much money you have.

/baltop – Or /balancetop to find out who the richest players on the server are.

/bellyflop – Do a belly flop right where you are standing.

/buy [quantity] – Attempts to buy [quantity] of an item from a selected shop. Select a shop by left clicking a shop chest.


/call or /tpa or /tpask [name] – Request to teleport to the player [name].

/claim or /createclaim – Create a claim in the selected spot. My advice? Just whip out your handy, dandy golden shovel and select one corner then the opposite corner to layout your claim space. That’s the easy way to do it.

/claimexplosion or /claimexplosions – Toggle whether or not to allow explosions to cause damage in your claim. Ya know, incase you wanna do some TNT mining. Or just blow the whole thing up and start over. *wink* *wink*

/claimlist or /claimslist – List all of your claim locations.

/compass – Tells you what direction you are facing.

/containertrust [name] or /ct [name] – gives a player permission to use chests, barrels, shulkerboxes, crops, animals, buttons, levers, and beds in your claim, but they cannot build or break blocks. Use public for [name] if you wish to give this level of access to everyone in your claim.

/coordinates toggle or /chud toggle or /coords toggle – Toggle the coordinates display on and off on your screen.

/crawl – Crawl on the ground. Nice for fitting underneath low places or to hide.

/crone – Call The Crone to you to share her wisdom. Ask her questions, find out some gossip or just have a nice chat.


/dc list or /deadchest list – List any of your dead chests and their locations.

/declaim or /disclaim – See /abandonclaim.

/delhome – Deletes one of your saved homes.

/direction – See /compass.

/discord – Get an invite link to our discord server.

/disposal – Opens a garbage disposal menu so you can reduce clutter in your inventory. Be careful, once the menu is closed, those items are deleted forever. Also /trash.

/donate – Get a link to my Patreon page in case you would like to donate to the server and help offset some of the costs of running it or make it so that we can invest more into things for the server for everyone’s enjoyment.


/eac [message] – Message all online admins.

/escape – Return to spawn on Hy-Brasil from wherever you are. Works on any world.

/egetlocation or /egetloc or /egetpos or /ewherami – Gives you your current location in the world.

/ehelp or /help – An in game help reference. A bit difficult to navigate. Now provides a link to this website on some clients.

/email or /mail [send] [read] [clear] – Send and receive mail with other players whether online or offline.

/excavation – Gives you your stats in the Excavation skill from McMMO.

/extendclaim or /expandclaim – Extend your claim by a number of blocks. (Easier to do with the golden shovel.)


/fishing – Gives you your stats in the Fishing skill from McMMO.


/getloc or /getlocation or /getpos – Give you your current location in the world.

/geyser offhand – If you are on a Bedrock client, you can use this command to swap an item in your main hand to your offhand.

/givepet [player] – Gives a pet to another player.

/guide – Open the guide book which gives new players some basic info on playing on Hy-Brasil.


/harbor – Version info for Harbor plugin. Not much to it. It just handles how many people need to sleep to skip the night. Currently a third of however many players are online.

/hat – Wear the item in your hand on your head as a hat. DONOR RANK ONLY Use /hat remove to remove the hat.

/heads – Opens a menu with a selection of available heads.

/helpop or /ehelpop – Message online admins.

/herbalism – Gives you your stats in the Herbalism skill from McMMO.

/home or /createhome – Go to the last place you slept or with /home <name> go to one of your named homes which you set with /sethome previously. Also see /delhome for removing a home you no longer need or if you want to rename a home you already set. New players get three homes to start with. After a couple of weeks of playing regularly you will qualify for Worthy rank (at the admin staff’s discretion) and can set up to 24 homes then.

/hpc – Heads Plus Challenges. Are you up for a challenge?

/hp info – Info about the HeadsPlus plugin.

/hp profile [playername] – Displays your profile for the plugin.

/hp [IGN] [Player] – Spawns in a head. For decoration of your builds and other projects.

/hplb – Heads Plus Leaderboards. Who is collecting the most heads?


/icanhasbukkit – Yet another server version info command.

/ignore [player] – Ignore a player in chat if they are annoying you. Use /unignore <name> if you don’t want to ignore them anymore. Also /eignore and /eunignore works. If the regular /ignore and /unignore aren’t working, try them with the e in front. Use /ignored or /ignoredlist to see a list of people you are ignoring.

/inform – An in game information file. We really don’t use this feature but it’s in there. We prefer to use the website to keep people informed. It’s easier for everyone that way.

/info – Displays some online info about the server.


/kick – Kick a sitting or posing player to make them stand up.

/kits – See a list of server kits available for sell. Use /kit <name of kit> to purchase a kit.

/kitpreview or /kitshow – See what’s inside a kit before you buy it. We haven’t used the kits feature much but that might change in the near future.


/lay – Feeling tired? Lay down almost anywhere.

/list or /playerlist or /eplayerlist – See a list of players currently online.

/listclaims – The same as the /claims command. It gives you a list of all of your land claims and their locations.

/listignored or /listignored – Gives you a list of the players you are currently ignoring on chat.

/lore1 – Open the Introductory Lore book which new players receive to familiarize them with a bit of the lore of our worlds.


/mail or /email or /memo – Check or send mail to another player, even if they are offline.

/makeclaim – See /claim.

/map – Get a link to the Dynamic Map.

/mcability – Toggles whether your McMMO abilities are off or on when you right click. I’ve found it useful to toggle this off when playing on my phone when I don’t want to have the abilities kick in when I am doing something.

/mccooldown(s) – Check to see how much longer until you can next use your McMMO abilities.

/mcinfo or /mmoinfo [skill] – Find out about the different McMMO skills and their uses. Not fully implemented yet.

/mcinspect or /inspect – When in close range you can use these commands to inspect another player and find out about their McMMO stats.

/mcnotify or /notify – Toggle whether you want to receive McMMO ability notifications on and off.

/mcrank – Find out your personal rankings in the various McMMO subskills.

More M

/mcstats – Take a look at your McMMO stats.

/mctop [category] – See who is at the top of the rankings in the McMMO Power Level Leaderboard or in each category.

/me – Preface an action with this to describe that action in the context of your player character. Good for role playing.

/memo – See /mail.

/message or /msg or /whisper [player] – Send a private message to a player.

/mining – Gives you your stats in the Mining skill from McMMO.

/money – See /balance.

/motd – See the message of the day. Pretty much the same thing you see when you first log into the server.

/myhead – Receive your own player head. Useful for marking your mailbox in the mail room at spawn or just using as decor. Maybe scare away would be interlopers. “If I would do this to myself, think of what I might do to you. Muhahah!”


/newclaim – See /claim.

/news – A news file. But we don’t use this feature. Check the blog, here on the website, for news.

/nick or /nickname – Change your nick. Also good for roleplaying different characters. Use /nick off to remove your nick and go back to your normal name.

/notifications – Toggle whether or not you are receiving notifications.


/online – See who’s online.


/papi – Placeholder API info.

/party – Party chat info.

/pay or /epay – Use to pay another player some money from your account.

/payconfirm – Toggles whether or not you will be prompted to confirm payments. Also /payconfirmoff, /payconfirmon and /payconfirmtoggle.

/pbuy – See /buy.

More P

/permissiontrust or /pt [player] – Permits a player who has trust in your claim to share their trust level with other players in your claim.

/playerlist or /plist– Yet another command to see who is online currently.

/plugins or /pl – Find out what plugins we are currently running.

/pm [player] [message] – Yet another private message command.

/position – Guess what? It tells you where you are in the world.

/preview [kitname] – Preview the contents of a kit before you buy it.

/ptp [player] – Request to teleport to a player.


/remhome or /rmhome [homename] – Remove one of your homes to free up a slot so you can set another home elsewhere.

/removeclaim – See /unclaim.

/repair – Gives you your stats in the Repair skill from McMMO.

/reply [message] – Reply to a private message.

/resizeclaim – Resize your claim. Easier to do with the goldenshovel.

/restrictsubclaim or /rsc – Place restrictions on a subclaim within one of your land claims.

/return – See /back.

/rtp – Random Teleport. This command will randomly teleport you to somewhere out in the wild on unclaimed land up to 10,000 blocks away. Great for explorers! Also see /wild.

/rules – Displays the rules of the server.


/salvage – Gives you your stats in the Salvage skill from McMMO.

/seen [playername] – Let’s you know when the last time a player was seen on this server.

/sethome – Use /sethome <make up a name> to set up to three homes that you can teleport back to at any time. Long term players get added to the Worthy group if they have played regularly for a couple of weeks and the admins are satisfied with the level of community involvement and following of the rules displayed. Once Worthy rank is achieved you can set up to 24 homes for use in any of our many worlds.

More S

/showkit – Use /showkit <name> to see the contents of a kit.

/sit – You can sit almost anywhere in our world by either using this command or right clicking on things like stairs, carpets or other places that look like they might be good for sitting on. You can even sit on other players. *Hint* – You can use /sit toggle to toggle the right clicking to sit behavior off and on.

/smelting– Gives you your stats in the Smelting skill from McMMO.

/spawn – Shortcut for /warp spawn. Returns you to spawn on the world you are currently in.

/spin – Spin around. Dazzle your friends with your fancy dance moves.

/stats – See /mcstats.

Even More S

/subdivideclaims – Puts your golden shovel into subdivision mode to make claims within your claims within which you can grant or deny permissions to different players. Useful if you are wanting to operate a town or apartment complex or something similar. Use /basicclaims to put your golden shovel back into basic claims mode.

/suicide – When you just want to end it all.

/swords – Gives you your stats in the Swords skill from McMMO.


/taming – Gives you your stats in the Taming skill from McMMO.

/tell [player] [message] – Yet another /msg or /whisper command.

/tpa – Ask a player if you may teleport to them. They may respond with /tpaccept or /tpdeny or they might ignore the request altogether. Use /tpacancel to cancel a teleport request.

/tphere – Ask a player to teleport to you. They may respond with /tpaccept or /tpdeny or they might ignore the request altogether. Use /tpacancel to cancel a teleport request.

/tpno – Another way to deny a teleport request.

/tpyes – Another way to accept a teleport request.

/trapped – Use this if you find yourself trapped within someone’s claim so you can escape.

More T

/trash – Opens up a disposal menu so you can throw away stuff you don’t want. Use with caution. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Also /disposal.

/trust [player] – Give a player full trust access in your claim. They will be able to build, break blocks, access containers, use livestock, sleep in beds, etc.

/trustlist – See who you have granted trust and what level of trust they have in your claim.


/unarmed – Gives you your stats in the Unarmed Combat skill from McMMO.

/unclaim – See /abandonclaim .

/unignore or /unignoreplayer [player] – Stop ignoring a player in chat.

/unlockdrops – Toggles your drops to unlocked so other players can pick them up until you die again.


/v? – Voting help.

/vall or /voteall – Gives a list of voting sites we are set up to receive vote confirmations from so that you can earn rewards and vote shop points.

/ver or /version – Version info about the server software we are currently running.

/vote – Opens the vote menu with links to voting sites.

/voteall – Displays a list of voting sites and their links.

/votegui – Opens a menu with voting options including the vote shop where you can use your voting points to buy valuable items.

/voteshop – Opens the voteshop menu where you can purchase fabulous prizes with the voting points you’ve received for voting for our server on the voting sites.


/warps – List warps which are available on the server. These are places that you may teleport to but often for a price. Warping to spawn costs $100 in server money for example but it saves you time and trouble of going there by other means or using one of your home settings to get back there. Some warps are free, like the ones to holiday celebration towns.

/website – Get a link to the Hy-Brasil website. Where this Command Reference is located.

/welcomebook – Open and read the welcome book which everyone receives upon joining the server.

/whereami – Another command to show you your location in the world.

/whisper [playername] [message] – Same as /msg or /tell. Used to send private messages to another player.

/who – Another who is online command.

/wild – See /rtp. Teleport to the wilds.

/woodcutting – Gives you your stats in the Woodcutting skill from McMMO.

/worth – Find out what the server market value of the item in your hand is if you were to choose to sell it.