Beul-aithris Means Folklore

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Our name, Beul-aithris (pronounced something like bwel-ah-ris) means folklore in Scottish Gaelic and we hope to base our stories on folklore of Celtic and other cultures but set in a futuristic time and mysterious place called the Rétglainn Occulti sector. A star system far away in a different time and place where some people arrive by fairy portal and others arrive by spacecraft or other means. It is a place of gods, ancient magic but also science and technology. You can connect to our Minetest server at using a free copy of Minetest from here. Or, if you are using an iPhone or other iOS device you can also connect using the free but ad supported app called MultiCraft which is available in the app store. Not sure if you want to install a client yet? You can give several Minetest engine games a try with a web browser at this brilliant site by DustLabs but, unfortunately, you can’t connect to servers or save game progress on the website version.

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To find out more about our theme and where we aim to go with our game servers and stories see our lore which was originally written for our Minecraft server but is in the process of being re-written to suit our new Minetest environment as well.

Excerpts from our lore…

The mists part and you find that you have succumbed to an ancient and forgotten past. Or could it be here and now? Perhaps some unknown future? Among the trees and from the very earth beneath your feet the rhythmic pounding heartbeat of something lives and breathes in this place. You have discovered the source, the beginning, the primal universal energy which defines our reality. Things will never be the same…

…a chance encounter:

I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was this? A humanoid creature probably no more than three feet tall, brown skinned and covered in hair. By most standards, a very unattractive face as well. I must admit, I was startled at first but also intrigued. Was this a brùnaidh or as they are commonly known brownie? They usually don’t like to be seen but this one actually came to me, woke me up and didn’t mind being seen. I had long suspected we had one living in our home. Things would often be cleaned and organized from the night before although I had no recollection of doing them.