Rules and FAQ

Grut’s Grove At old SpawnTown

We’re mostly adults here. The only exceptions to that are the few people we have under 18 whose parent or guardian also participate here and have vouched for them. The last thing we are looking for after a long day at work or life in general is a stressful environment in the place we come to unwind. In our efforts to bring this community an enjoyable gaming and leisure experience, we request that the following rules and guidelines be observed:

General Rules:

Our servers are intended for mature audiences. We only employ minimal profanity filtering but will not tolerate abusive, toxic, vulgar or hateful chat. Parental discretion is advised if you wish to have your minor become a member in this community.

All staff members are at least 18 years of age

The only exception to this is a direct descendant (child or grandchild) of a long term staff member in good standing. If interested in a staff position, please be of age and let us see you put in some time and work with the community on this server first. We want to know you before we offer a position on staff.

Breaking these rules will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

No Stealing From Other Players

What is and is not stealing? Most of us don’t mind sharing or bartering for goods and services. To clarify what’s considered stealing and what is considered fair game here are a few examples. You’re out in the wild and you find a chest at the base of a tree. You open it, it doesn’t say anything about being protected or anything like that. It’s a loot chest, that’s fair game. Take whatever you may like.

The storage containers at the community storage area near spawn are offered by the players, for the players. Please fairly take and fairly give from this facility. In the mail room, only take items out of your own mailbox. Taking things from someone else’s’ mailbox is stealing and the admins do have tools available to find out who has accessed a container and taken items out.

If someone is showing you around at their base or a place they intend to make a base, don’t take things out of chests and barrels without asking first. Claim or no claim set, if they say it’s theirs then leave it alone. The same goes for if someone places their shulker box down to get some items out. That’s their shulker box, not yours. Don’t go into it without asking. Basically, just be considerate. Thank you! 🙂


PVP is only allowed in unclaimed areas and all parties must mutually agree to be involved. Any repeated killing of players without consent will be considered harassing and you will be banned.

No Griefing Or Harrassment

No Griefing (destruction of other players’ builds, PVP in non PVP areas, etc.) Pranks are okay, but if it destroys someone’s builds or causes someone to lose their gear it’s griefing and will lead to being banned or banished to the Donn War planet with no escape. Cheating, hacking and overall shadiness is also ban worthy. Included under this heading is also No entering or staying in villages after dark in city limits or bringing Bad Omen to Villager Trading Halls, clearly marked project areas involving villagers or Farms.

If it’s clearly a community or privately built and utilized space then please make an effort to remove bad omen by drinking milk before entering. We understand accidents happen. But don’t make a habit of having “accidents” of this sort. In the wild or within your own claims, do all of the raids you want.

No Using Client Mods and Exploits To Ruin The Game

Client modifications (other than Optifine) or exploits to the game are not allowed. (Including but not limited to: Badlion, Forge, Fabric, Lightloader, LunarClient, flying, speed, x-ray, item duplication, glitching, etc.)

No Advertising or Spam

No advertising servers, websites, mods or other things in any chat or spamming messages in game or on the discord server. We have an advertisements channel on the discord server made just for posting ads in. Use it but don’t advertise the same thing more than once per week even there.

Do Behave Maturely

This is a gaming and story sharing community. Be respectful, have fun, don’t rage, don’t participate in drama, don’t harass people, mind the community rules, etc. Absolutely no harassment, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

Being A Good Citizen

The following rules probably won’t lead to an immediate ban but may lead to some other disciplinary actions such as the removal of builds, privileges, jailing or banishing to the Donn (anarchy) world either temporarily or permanently. These aim to cover some of the more common actions that would be perceived as disrespectful to both the community and individuals, but they are by no means comprehensive Such actions are decided on a case by case basis.

Don’t build right next to someone without asking first.

Leave space for expansion. Basically, if you don’t see any other builds within site then you’re considered to be in the wild and can build whatever you wish.

Do not make things which cause excessive lag.

What is excessive lag? Click the link for a reddit discussion explaining some things with automatic farms which cause lag and how to prevent it.

When found, such builds will be disabled or removed.

Replant what you harvest from community farms.

Nobody wants a bunch of farms around spawn and other community areas that have been picked over and there’s nothing left for anyone else to take. If you harvest from them, replant the crops afterwards.

Be A Mature Adult.

This community is meant to be drama-free. Anyone participating in word-sniping, bickering, pettiness, etc. will be kicked on the spot. Insistence on participation in drama will result in a ban. We are not in the habit of policing chat, but some words and sentiments have no place in conversation other than to discriminate or inflame. So be respectful. Those intent on creating a toxic environment will be banned.

Looting From Players Is Prohibited

There are some places which are built specifically for players to find and loot. We use a Custom Structures plugin to generate some of these and others have been placed by staff or players intentionally. However, looting of any kind is strictly prohibited in or near any well-defined player bases. If you are unsure what you have found, please contact an admin to check on it first.

Otherwise, if it’s not yours, don’t touch it. That said, you should still protect your stuff. We can only roll things back so far, so if your stuff is unprotected and you’ve been offline awhile you may lose your stuff anyway. Claims expire after 60 days of inactivity and chunks regenerate after 90 days of no one visiting them. This is to keep the worlds fresh and enjoyable for new explorers.

In Some Cases It Might Be Okay

In the wilderness, well away from any claims or developed areas. Unprotected mining outposts in the resource gathering areas, for example, are fair game. However, breaking blocks to get to them would be griefing.

If the owner specifically grants permission for it. Burden of proof of permission falls to the looter. Signs posted saying free for the taking by the person who placed the build or items are okay. Remember, admins can detect if a sign was placed by the person who placed the build or items. So don’t try to be tricky by placing a sign saying Free Stuff when it wasn’t posted that way before.

Even in cases of legal looting, don’t be greedy and wipe the person out. This is still a community and we still need to be respectful of one another.

Don’t AFK for extended periods of time

This takes up server resources and compromises mob spawning for everyone else in the world. If you aren’t actively playing the game then please log out so others can enjoy the game. Some leniency is given when no one else is online.

Auto Farms and Redstone Devices

Exercise Moderation

Don’t create lag with excessive TNT, entities (farm harvests, ore mining), etc. Players who create builds with the intent to lag or crash the server will be banned. No over-the-top farms are allowed. Your massive mob farm will not get the rates you’re expecting on a server, and you really don’t need 20 double chests of melons and pumpkins and cactus (e.g.). Instead focus your energies on creativity and building something pretty rather than laggy.

Don’t run high-frequency clocks. All redstone clocks must have an “off switch”.

Again, this takes up server resources and causes others to lag. If you need a clock make sure it’s running at a reasonably slow tick rate to avoid annoying everyone else, and never leave it running if you’re AFK or not in the area. This is disrespectful to all of your fellow players. Find ways to run your farms without clocks.

Use Hoppers Moderately

Hoppers can create more lag than a running clock. We use a lag assist plugin and large amounts of items dumped into a hopper system can result in a clog or severely slowed transfers. For item inputs into a hopper system we recommend setting a single chest on top of the input hopper so items go in one at a time. Any excessive hopper use will be removed.

Avoid Hopper Minecart Collection Systems

These are terribly inefficient, especially when minecarts are in a constant state of movement. So, please avoid them whenever possible, and it’s almost always possible. Stationary hopper minecarts are preferred, when kept in low numbers.

No OP Community Farms

Farms designated for use by the public should be limited to simple, early-game items that would not compete with items players would sell in shops. These farms should be manual with no automatic harvesting or killing, and they should not include items gained by enchanting (other than natural mob drops) or trading. OP community farms will be removed. We understand the desire to build things to benefit the community, but there are other ways to satisfy that need. These types of farms (and similarly, the over-generosity of established players when helping out newbies) often have the opposite effect when players who gain items too easily get bored quickly and ultimately do not integrate into the community.

Automatic Farms In General

Please, keep farms and mob grinders to sane levels. No more than 1 farm per mob/animal/plant type (double spawners are ok and natural spawn grinders are ok, ie.those not using spawners). Same as with AFKing and clocks, a large amount of mobs/animals/plants causes lag for everyone on the server and reduces the number of spawns for everyone else. 50 mobs/animals equals one player in server resources, so we have set a limit for most mob types of 50 per area. Any entities beyond that risk automatic or manual removal, and we will appreciate it if players themselves manage entities. If staff need to intervene we will be much less choosy about what gets removed and may penalize the player responsible.

Water Mechanics In Farms

Farms utilizing water mechanics should be kept small and MUST NOT receive automatic updates from ANY source. If you’re turning water on and off it should be you doing it manually at reasonable intervals and only over small plots of land. Please consider mob farms with flushing mechanics broken. We know you’ll be clever enough to come up with alternative methods.

No Cramming Entities

Farms involving entity cramming or several entities in a small space are banned. This one cuts deeper than most of you will initially realize — chicken and cow farms are some of the worst offenders. Mob farms involving cramming with minecarts or other mobs are also included in this ban. Again, these things cause lag which reduces the enjoyment of the server for everyone else.

Nether Portal Farms

Farms using nether portals are not allowed. These foolishly load chunks in the corresponding world, creating lag and unnecessary memory use.

Limit Shulker Farms

Shulker farms must be limited to 2 shulkers per farm. That’s all you need.

While not strictly okay, we don’t might look the other way when it comes to AFK fish farms — with some important conditions:

Fish Farms

Fish farms using note blocks or wooden trapdoors are strictly prohibited — our lag assist plugin logs these interactions and a single session on such a farm can add hundreds of thousands of entries to that log. There are cheap and efficient alternatives which can be used.

Users of fish farms should not be members of the fisherman job. This is cheating the economy. Anyone found to be in the job while using a farm will be fined and could lose their permissions to join that job in the future.

Fish farms should not be within 180 blocks of any mob farms. This compromises mob spawning for the rest of the server.

Finally, please remember that AFKing for extended periods is still not advisable. Keep it reasonable — anything more than an hour will risk a kick.

For the most part, just be a good person and play nice with others and you’ll get along fine.      

Be 18 or older or have an adult on the server who can vouch for you.          

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I build?

SpawnTown on Hy-Brasil is protected in about a 300 block radius except in the mail room and tree farming areas and there are a few other protected zones scattered around in the various worlds. Beyond that, you are free to build as you please as long as it isn’t in another player’s clearly marked territory or too close to it. Try to maintain at least a 250 block space away from another player’s build unless they have explicitly said it’s okay to build near them. It is common courtesy to ask before building near another player’s structures.

Be careful not to build in the resource gathering areas. Or if you do, don’t make it anything you’ll miss. These areas are rolled back regularly and exist to prevent our building areas from getting too torn up. You can get to these resource gathering areas by clicking on the Teleport NPC at the Spawn Tree into the transportation hub. If you think an area has been over used, let an admin know so we can roll it back.

To get back to spawn from anywhere on the server, type /escape or use /spawn to get to the spawn location for the world you are currently on.

How Do I Set A Home?

Homes are like “save points” that you can teleport to at will. Member Rank players get three homes initially, which can be set by entering /sethome [name], and accessed by either using the /homes command and clicking on the desired location, or by entering /home [name]. To delete a home, use the command /delhome [name]. After you’ve played for at least a couple of weeks and it seems that you and the community are a good fit, you may be advanced by the admins to Worthy Rank at which time you can set up to twenty-four homes to be used in any of our various worlds.

How Do I Set A Claim?

Claims are used to protect your builds and your belongings within those builds. When you start on the server you get 100 claim blocks to use and for each hour that you play you get another 100 claim blocks. You can accumulate up to 80,000 claim blocks. These can be used to expand the size of your existing claims or to set new ones. A golden shovel is used to set and resize claims then there are commands to give other players certain levels of trust if you wish. When you set your first chest down a link is usually provided which explains the process.

Also see the Command Reference for more info.

What Do I Do If I’ve Been Looted, Killed or Griefed by another player?

First and foremost, let an admin know. We have tools at our disposal to investigate looting and finding out who accessed containers and when. What was taken out and by whom, etc. We can even restore stolen items in most cases. In the case of being killed, if it was an un-consented PvP action, the offending player could be in jeopardy of being punished, up to and including banning. The same goes for griefing. So, let us know either in game using the /eac [message] command to message all online admins or get on the discord server and ping the moderator role.

We work hard to maintain a friendly and respectful community so toxicity is purged quickly once we are aware of it.