Andarius a.k.a. Cianaodh Óg

Andarius68 a.k.a. Cianaodh Óg

Cianaodh (Pronounced Key-Ah-Noo in Ulster Dialect) is Old Irish (not modern) and means Ancient Fire. Óg is also Old Irish and it means Young which is his surname in modern English. Cianaodh is not his given name but it is his chosen name for various reasons. He used to blog about his spirituality a lot but now, while, he hasn’t changed in his spiritual beliefs, he instead prefers to write interactive fiction in which his spirituality sometimes plays a role.

Andarius, along with Kysh pretty much started this community in 2017 on a Minecraft Bedrock Realm when they began inviting people to come play along in a Minecraft world that was based on storytelling and roleplay. He took his first steps into playing Minecraft with his son on an XBox 360 together maybe a year or two prior and became hooked on the game.

Many years before that he used to play TSR’s Dungeons and Dragons and a lesser known game called Star Frontiers with his friends and family after school and on the weekends among other RPGs and later played on several text based MUDs in the early days of the internet becoming available to the public during the nineties. Andarius also used to run a Bulletin Board System called The Earth Club BBS and several blogs in the late nineties and early 2000’s.

He’s not an especially accomplished builder on Minecraft but thankfully he has several good friends who are. This guy has always had an interest in things like programming and scripting and hopes to develop some unique scripts to make this server come alive when he gets his skills up to the task. He also enjoys reading and writing fiction, non-fiction, history and folklore articles and stories. Andarius is usually available online in the mornings CST or on Fridays and Saturdays depending on work and family activities.

Xenultimate of the many disguises.
Xenultimate of the many disguises.


“Hard-ass”, “Hot”, and “How the Hell did you get in here?” all things used to describe our very own Xenultimate.
His creativity knows no bounds. Began playing Minecraft in mid 2012, and hasn’t really stopped.
Game Mechanics are his bread and butter, but has since branched out to Building and Event Planning.
When not playing Minecraft, Xen finds time to chill with art projects or have fun with friends.

VeletVixon in flight!


Our Velvet is an awesome builder and great admin who is very helpful and friendly with new players who need some tips for getting started. She hasn’t sent us a bio yet but if you are wanting to do your video verification and prefer a woman to do the video chat she is often available in the evenings to late nights CST.