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A Casual Minecraft Server For Adult Players!

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CubeHaven Minecraft server is run by an adult community with hosting provided by Cianaodh Óg with help from friends and Patreons. We are a collective of artists, story tellers, gaming enthusiasts, history buffs and more. We use Minecraft to express our art and ideas. According to recently published statisics, the average minecraft player is a 24 year old male. But don’t let that statistic fool ya. Ladies enjoy the game too. A fair percentage of our player base are women. Yes, friends, strangers and strange but not a strangers, Minecraft is for everyone. However, the way we play it is probably not the way your kids or grand-kids play it. Come have a look at what we’ve got going on. 80 proof, triple distilled good times. We’ve got plenty of shenanigans!  – Minecraft Java

Sunset at Spawn Castle by Velvet Vixon.
Sunset at Spawn Castle by Velvet Vixon.

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CubeHaven is the name of our Java Minecraft Server. We are a whitelisted server. Meaning we need you to apply before you can play. CubeHaven is intended for mature players.

Please see our rules before joining by clicking on the Rules link on the menu. We are currently running the latest release of Paper with several plugins and features to enhance your gaming experience. Some are standard fare, while others are custom made by our development team.

Celtic Iron Age Styled Village

Why? Well, because we’re weird, that’s why!

Our server is intended to be a place for adult (18+) players to enjoy a casual atmosphere, be creative and have some fun. Most of our staff have backgrounds in old school role playing games from way back in the day when campaigns were played with pencil and paper, dice and hand drawn maps using books full of stats, charts and tables. We saw what the open ended nature of Minecraft offered and we were intrigued. Oh, we know we aren’t by any means the first to see the massively multiplayer online role playing game potential of Minecraft.

The Church of Stonks
The Church Of Stonks Interior View.

One of the things we find beneficial to using Minecraft as a platform for our gaming world is that it is one of the most widely popular video games of all time. Nearly everyone has a copy of one sort of client or another that they are able to connect to a Minecraft server with and even if they don’t the game is relatively inexpensive to buy. So, there’s a huge potential player base out there. Some of the things we have installed and configured to make ours different from vanilla Minecraft are the ability to claim land you wish to manage and protect from others through a plugin called Grief Prevention.

Not Vanilla, More Like Mint Chocolate Chip

Also, although we are playing in Survival Mode at the Hard Difficulty level we do employ a dead chest which will hold your items for you until you can return and reclaim them as long as you are able to make it back to the spot within 24 hours in real time.

We have McMMO which allows for enhanced skills and better rewards when hunting, crafting, mining and several other activities. Mythic Mobs and custom events are always in the works with unique items too! So, have a look around!

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Also, please consider reviewing us on Disboard. NOTE: The discord server name will display as Cianaodh Media. That’s us. Minecraft is just one of many things we do.