The Founding Of The City Of N’Aur

The city of N’Aur on New Caledonia Phase 1 – Archive Photo

N’Aur was founded by an alliance between a stranded Valosan, Andarius, and his surviving crew members who encountered a Gorg, Kysh and his pack as well as some odd Terran (human) natives and other assorted beings who populate this world.

Andarius found himself stranded on New Caledonia after one of the many battles between the various factions and races in the great dominance wars. Because he and his crew were separated from their own people and all attempts at communication with the Valosani fleet had failed, they set about making the best of the situation by trying to make this place livable by the standards they were accustomed to. Eventually they happened upon a Gorg called Kysh. Andarius was unfamiliar with Gorg packs but these beings had already been living on the surface of New Caledonia unbeknownst to even the human inhabitants of the world when his Valosani crewmates were stranded. At first Andarius was very wary of these Gorg but in time he came to realize that this pack and its leader were quite trustworthy. Rather than mindless killing machines, as he at first suspected, the Gorg in Kysh’s pack proved to have reasoning and intellect beyond what seemed evident at first appearances. So, these two alien races made a pact to become allies in order to thrive on this hostile, magical and unstable planet. New Caledonia was a hidden Terran colony settled by a faction of Scottish descendants who wished to revive a connection with the old gods and ways of their ancient ancestors. It is believed, that perhaps the magical happenings here might be related to their doings. But, that is only a theory at this point. The place where N’Aur now exists once was a village inhabited by these natives. But dark forces wiped out all but a few of these inhabitants so the survivors lent their knowledge and expertise of the resources available on this planet to help in the building of the new city of N’Aur. This is why there are obvious human influences involved in the layout and function of the city mixed in with the Valosani and Gorg styles.


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