Pyramid Of Eggnosticism, Temple Of The Cosmic Chicken, New Caledonia Branch
Pyramid Of Eggnosticism, Temple Of The Cosmic Chicken, New Caledonia Branch

Following the success of Captain Meshuwan and Chief Engineer Ahoonga’s accidental expedition to planet Earth, the Mambird Council Of More Important Individuals Than You (the ruling body of Mambird home planet, Ethelmuhrmen) sent out further expeditions. Notably, Fleet Captain Horatio von Cluckenstein was sent to New Caledonia, where he founded a settlement and declared himself as the First And Highest Mighty Grand Archduke Of Clucktopia, Esquire. His cats, Butters and Harvey, still do as they please.

The settlement was intended by Mambird authorities to be an industrial experiment to assess the planet’s suitability as an economic engine to broaden their admittedly narrow economy. Captain von Cluckenstein, on the other hand, views it as his own personal domain, outside the jurisdiction of Ethelmuhrmen and quite independent. So much so that all communiquaes from Clucktopia are encrypted with a custom algorithm of his own design. One who’s decoder ring he “forgot” to share with his superiors. Which is fine by him as most transmissions consist almost entirely of an incessant string of taunting and rude noises.

Major zones of the settlement are the Nether Embassy, Swamp Industrial Complex and Agricultural Extension, and the Pyramid Of Eggnosticism, temple of The Cosmic Chicken, New Caledonia Branch, in the Far Flung Desert.

Clucktopia already has established a more diverse economy through it’s mega-conglomerate and shell corporation, Pollodyne Rocket Labs, than it’s parent planet. Pollodyne manufactures and supplies a range of goods from wood and landscaping materials, to consumer red stone products and all manner of rockets and explosives.


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