Kysh is a main character of New Caledonia’s lore, as one of the founders of the first city of it, N’Aur. Kysh is a large Gorg that is the friend and ally of Andarius.


Extreme Heat Immunity

Kysh is known to live in extreme heat enviroments, such as volcanos, and shown resistance to being burned.


Most Gorgs can spit acid, Kysh is no exception. Kysh’s acid has shown to melt even Netherite quickly.


With his wings, Kysh can fly great distances for a long period of time.


Kysh has done many things to show his strength, such as killing numerous Pillagers time and time again, and fighting the Ender Dragon multiple times (with assistance) without suffering major damage.


Pre-First World events

Kysh was the runt of a pack that had despised weakness, causing them to be an outcast. After a long time in this pack, he was sent out on a hunting party, while out hunting with his packmates, they suddenly started to attack him, wounding him enough to have him be alive, but unable to do much, and left him for dead…After a while, rustling was heard near him, he tried to intimidate it, growling, snarling, roaring, but nothing stopped it, eventually, what was in it emerged…Andarius, he took pity on the wounded creature, and took it back to base to heal it, Andarius didn’t have much, but it was something, he helped him heal from his wounds and get stronger. Kysh, better than ever, start to construct a city with Andarius…N’Aur

First World

Kysh and Andarius had constructed N’Aur and did all they could to make it a utopia for all kinds of life, Human, Valosani, Gorg, anything, along the way they had met many hardships, raids of undead and walking exploding moss, adventures through dimensions, but in due time, they had created something amazing.

The Pillager Cataclysm

Life was good for Kysh and Andarius…But somebody didn’t quite like them, a group simply know as “The Illagers” had gathered up forces to raid N’Aur and destroy them, to rid them of this world and rule it while stomping on their graves. Kysh and Andarius had saw them start to gather outside of their base with towers, and killed them, but they kept coming and coming. Eventually, all Nether broke loose, The Illagers had unleashed their fury and raid everything, during the battle, Kysh had put up a worthy fight, creating piles upon piles of bodies, but even then, his armor he evolved was destroyed, his claws broke, he was almost dead, when he was about to die, he dug away into the ground, the one place he was safe, Andarius had warped away to safety on The Space Station that had been constructed by Kysh in order to stay safe and build up, should they need to…N’Aur was lost…

Current World

Kysh came back after growing, and he came back with anger and rage clouding his every thought, he destroyed most of the Illager population after rising from the ground, destroying their towers, their mansions, everything…And after he killed what seemed like all of them to him, he just fell over and slept until he was awoken again. Months later, Andarius warped down to the planet and saw Kysh, slumped over, broken arrows in his armor, sleeping, he decided to try and wake him up, he did, and Kysh, groggy, saw Andarius again, after all of it, and decided to help him once again, like the old times…


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