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  • Gorg

    Overview The Gorg is a primary race within the Rétglain Ocuulti sector. Creatures able to evolve and adapt by consuming the nearby organisms, absorbing their DNA and splicing it into their own. Abilities Acid Gorgs can spit acid, able to melt softer metals with ease, and needing large amounts for stronger metals. Adaption Gorgs can…

  • My Rétglainn Occulti Story Part 2

    The story of Cianaodh Óg and his travels within the Rétglainn Occulti sector continue. Here, he is exploring Andarius’ space station in the end.

  • Gorg See – By ultimaweapon956

    Walk through green lands, trees sway, Non-Gorg make noise, hunting food for pack, nothing around, Humans hunt, too many humans, must hunt lots of food, see food, no signs of other, I strike, bring back home, see human, try sneak away, human see, Gorg run, pack see, scare human, Gorg grateful for pack, Gorg go…