Gorg See – By ultimaweapon956

Walk through green lands, trees sway, Non-Gorg make noise, hunting food for pack, nothing around, Humans hunt, too many humans, must hunt lots of food, see food, no signs of other, I strike, bring back home, see human, try sneak away, human see, Gorg run, pack see, scare human, Gorg grateful for pack, Gorg go to home in den, pack split food, Gorg sleep from hunt, Gorg wake up, den raided by human, fire, pack run, Gorg run, pack fight while run, Gorg help, other human, attack human, help Gorg, help pack, other human take away from fire, Gorg fall asleep, Gorg wake up, Gorg see pack, new den, more pack, explore hunting ground, find flat cliff, Gorg explore more, find flat cliff again, Gorg explore…Find flat cliff…


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