Mamaí My Tendrils Are Growing!

Young Bi’chlan was so excited to see the first results of his coming of age and a sign that he would soon be eligible to begin training in the path of enlightenment. It had been one hundred and twenty orbits that N’Goras had made around it’s star since Bi’chlan had come into being. About an average age for Valosani youth to begin their adolescence. His mother’s violet, leathery skin felt so soft and alive as she hugged Bi’chlan close to her. Oh, what new worlds would open up for him? How long would his tendrils grow and what color would they peak out at? Would he acquire heightened telepathic range? Would he develop telekinetic abilities or be able to direct the energies from his surroundings? Or, would he grow the psionic blades of the warrior caste. This, of all of the possibilities, worried her the most. For a warrior’s life was filled with danger and it often took it’s followers far from home for long periods of time. How, their abilities developed varied greatly from being to being among the Valosani. It was as much a matter of genetics as it was of training and temperment. Bi’chlan has always been an inquisitive soul and his mom had hoped that would lead him to one of the fields of science or perhaps the esoteric arts even. But, he has also always had a bit of a temper and would rarely back down from a fight if one was presented to him. So, things could easily go either way. Her emotions were a mix of great pride and worry. Bi’chlan was picking up on that. He shared his own thoughts into her mind. “Don’t worry Mamaí, I will always find my way home.”.

Time passes..

Where is Bi’chlan now?

Andarius remembers his friend and wonders what ever became of him. Did his ship make it out of the star cluster? Is he back home on N’Goras or is he, too, lost somewhere in the Rétglainn Occulti sector. The last thought he shared as he struggled to regain control of his vessel was that he had to get home to see his mom one last time before her great passing. Bi’chlan was trying to reach Andarius and rescue him from the planet’s surface. But his instrumentation failed and he lost navigation systems as he entered the region. Prior to entering he was able to pinpoint and communicate with Andarius. He was so sure he could make the short journey, do a rescue and get back out before anything strange happened. He made his calculations, but his luck didn’t hold out. Time moves on and we all make of it what we can. “Walk with Hak’ai my old friend.”, Andarius thinks to no one in particular.


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