Baile na Dagda

Celtic Iron Age Village Constrution
Celtic Iron Age Village Construction

There is a place on Hy-Brasil founded by a group from the original Terran settlements who called themselves the Temple Of The Ancient Fire. Their descendants were very keen on keeping to the “old ways” in honor of their ancestors. They hold sacred a book called Bretha Comaithchesa which translates as Laws of the Neighborhood in the more common tongue. This book was a book of laws written down by people who came later to ancient Ireland on Earth in order to save it for historical purposes. People of the time when the laws were written kept it in their memory by learning it as poetic prose, verse by verse. It references many things which do not exist on Hy-Brasil but were rather common on old Earth. So, over time a lot of the meaning of the verses has been lost or mistranslated to better fit the time and place the people currently live in. It is said that there is powerful magic to be found in Baile na Dagda by those who have a keen eye and a clever mind. But, as with many things when dealing with the fair folk, things are only revealed to those who are deemed worthy or of interest to the Aos sí. If you would like to find this place look for a village in a dark oak forest with a wall and houses which are in a round shape common to Celtic people in times of old on a planet called Earth. But beware not to anger the guardians of the village while there. They do not take kindly to those who would do harm to the villagers or their holdings.


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