Andarius before becoming an elder of the Da’sheem

The role of Andarius is one of a lone Valosan survivor left stranded on the planet New Caledonia after a fierce battle in this sector which left most of his fellow warriors dead and what was left of his fleet scattered and fleeing for safety and repairs in an undisclosed sector. His brother is Atahnis, leader of the Da’sheem. But due to the great distances and the interference from the Nebula of Mists the Valosani were unable to find Andarius even with their heightened psychic senses and technological prowess. So he was presumed dead. However, Kysh has since constructed a fleet beacon and Andarius is once again able to communicate with his brethren albeit only intermittently and for short periods so as to prevent detection by hostile forces. Andarius has been assigned the duty of securing the planets in this sector and keeping watch for rogue Ancient Ones who may serve as another host form of The Dark One or similar dark forces. Among his allies are the Gorg Kysh and the Terran folklorist for the people of Nova Falias, Gregor MacInness. He is versed in the ways of the Conclave Of Light and the Shadow Path. He speaks Valosani as well as various Terran languages thanks to friendships he has forged in his life time among humans.

Andarius no longer claims a particular place as his abode but travels the world working on various projects or helping others with theirs. He eventually made his way to the planet Hy-Brasil to help in the exodus which occurred with the second cataclysm as a great battle with Donn, god of the undead, wreaked havoc on New Caledonia.


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