Valosani – From Warring Tribes To The Stars

Valosani Spectral Warrior

Alam ada Hak’ai! is a proper greeting used when one Valosan meets another of his species or an honored member of another species they might encounter. On their home world their ancestors were a very warlike culture organized into tribes, orders and nations who were constantly in a struggle for power and dominance. Eventually, their technology reached a point that they soon realized that if they did not set their differences aside and work together they would render their planet uninhabitable. But blood feuds and hatred ran deep and for many generations. It would take a very strong and very wise leader with great vision to unite the Valosani and give them a new direction and purpose.

This leader arose in the form of the great Hak’ai. He was from the Da’sheem caste of Valosani whose training focused on both science and the channeling of psionic energies to shape their will into reality. The vision he gave to the Valosani was to reach for the stars and develop the technology to expand beyond the confines of their planet, N’Goras and it’s three satellites which, by this time had been as far as their space exploration had taken them. Probes were developed and sent out to seek resources and energy sources which could be harvested and used while they built a fleet of ships and colonies on the nearby planets orbiting their star.

Eventually, other species of sentient beings were encountered and they began to exchange knowledge and trade resources with some of them. Others proved to be hostile and so, the Valosani’s past, warlike ways still proved useful in defense of their civilization against these interlopers.



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