A Huge Thank You To All Of Our Donors!

Pot Of Gold

These people have pledged a monthly sponsorship to our community which helps us keep paying for hosting fees, premium plugins, advertising and other needs to keep things running and keep the good times going for us all. Without you, this would not be nearly as much fun and we want you to know you are very much appreciated for all that you do!

Donors do get perks but only things which give them some of the recognition they deserve like their own tag in chat, shout-outs here and on the server and the ability to wear a lot of things as hats. But, because our games are not pay to play, we will never give out anything which gives our donating members an unfair advantage over others in games. Only things for show, bling, swag, what have ya. These people donate knowing this and have done so out of the goodness of their hearts because of their love of this community, the stories, the craic and the games. So, hats off to them!





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