Minetest YouTubers

Richard Jeffries – produces some nice relaxing guided tours around his detailed and impressive builds . A great showcase for creative talent.

Minetest Videos (Nathan Salapat) – does reviews of Minetest mods mainly, but also some of his own development vlogs. Been doing this for years. Also see his website for a huge collection of videos and links.

Alfaro Gaming – These guys seem quite young, but do some decent list style roundups of mods, etc. They also seem to develop their own mods and give tips for enhancing gameplay. They do other content too, so I linked their Minetest playlist.

Nininik – posts minetest vids. Sometimes 21st century humor and is soon gonna start making a hermitcraft-esque series on their server.

Dee23Gaming – Does lets plays of both Minecraft and Minetest, but has made a video about preferring Minetest.

Antvenom This is NOT Minecraft… ?! – This guy, usually known for his Minecraft work, did a great video review of Minetest which raised awareness of this wonderful gaming engine.

Unacceptium_Core is a beginning YouTuber much like myself and does occasional MineTest videos that are well worth checking out.

Great big honking thank yous to Trog and freshrep on Minetest Forums for helping me compile this list and even giving me the wording on most of the descriptions for the individual YouTubers.


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