Does It Need To Be Won?

Does Minecraft really need to be a game of winners and losers?

I mean, I get it, most games are competitive by nature and there are some set goals to complete and whoever gets the most of whatever, money, gold, items, mobs killed, the big boss mob defeated, etc. or whoever does it fastest is declared the winner and the game is over. But, does it really have to be that way? My gaming background goes way back to playing games like Dungeons and Dragons or Star Frontiers with pencils, paper, books, dice and other props playing on maps we created ourselves with stories we wrote ourselves. We played at least weekly and it was as much a community gaming night for us as it was a game. Sure, in our adventures we would win some and lose some but there was always going to be another adventure next time. This is the kind of community I hope to foster on Cianaodh Media and the games we may play. I want getting on the servers to be more about community adventures, creating things and sharing stories and exploring together and less about competing with one another. Although, a bit of competition is by no means a bad thing. I just don’t think it needs to be the driving goal of the game. Because, when there is a defined “I won, game over, see ya.” point then things get pretty boring, pretty quickly. I prefer to think more in terms of, okay, that’s done, what do we do next? What’s beyond that hill over there? Who’s creating a new dungeon to explore or new story to read? What will this NPC in the village by the meadow tell me and what quest might I go on to learn more secrets? This is the spirit of our community’s approach to Minecraft, Minetest and other games we might decide to play here.


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