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Yes, we still talk about Minecraft here and still run our own Minecraft Server. Originally, we intended to run the world on the server perpetually without resets but we learned over time that people got bored with that setup and decided instead to do a reset every seven months to coincide with the seven-year cycle legend has it that the mystical island of Hy-Brasil would re-emerge off the coast of Ireland.

Now, you’re by no means required to learn the Irish language (Gaeilge) or Scots Gaelic (Gàidhlig) to play on our Minecraft server. Most things are actually in English on it but you will find some signs, stories in books and perhaps someone chatting online in a language of the Gaels as we invite people who speak these languages to participate and for learners to see playing along as an opportunity to practice.

When I play, which isn’t as often as it used to be, I like to build Gaeltacht villages here and there for people to visit and might hide some treasures to be found by those who can solve mysteries or riddles. In these endeavors, knowledge of the languages and folklore are usually helpful. Anyway, in the interests of helping those who are interested in picking up a bit of Gaeilge I thought I would share some common terms used in Minecraft and their Irish equivalents. So, if you run across some of these, you’ll know what they mean.

Keep in mind that these are the singular noun forms of the words, and they may vary in plural form or if they are used in a case where Séimhiú (Lenition/Aspiration/Softening) or Urú (Eclipsis) might be involved. But knowing the root form will help identify the word at least.


Armor – cathéide Examples (The knights wore armor) Bhíodh cathéide ar na ridirí (mail armour) cathéide mháilleach

Block – Bloc (That one’s easy enough right? Just drop the k as there is no letter k in the Irish alphabet.)

Build – tóg Example (I want to build here.) Táim ag iarraidh tógáil anseo.

Item – earra or ball

Monster – arracht or amhailt Examples (a scary monster) arracht uafar or amhailt anchúinseach

Sword – claíomh

Weapon – arm (That one’s pretty straight forward and easy to remember eh?)

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If you think of other terms that should be added contact me on discord and I’ll update the post.

Slán go fóill!


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