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There are a lot of great YouTubers out there with good content to help you get better at the things you want to do in Minecraft or to entertain you. Hermitcraft is one notable YouTube channel and server which comes up a lot as so many people enjoy watching the hermits and seeing what they are up to. But there’s more out there to watch as well. In the past, a huge portion of the Minecraft YouTube community has been focused on one demographic, kids under the age of 13 or so primarily. As a result, what many of these YouTubers have done is produce content which plays and sounds like a television program aimed at kids.

But, we’re adults here, mostly, and tend to be put off by a lot of unnecessary screaming, clown music and such. We just want to know how to build better. Some of us just want to know how to play better. Others want to know how to build more efficient or cool redstone contraptions to impress our friends or our frenemies. So, I went to our community on discord on the general channel and said “Hey! I’m thinking about doing this post so, tell me what YouTubers you like.” They did!

I got a lot of responses and for your viewing pleasure I am going to share them in no particular order below in list format with links to their channels. Maybe you’ll discover some new ones here that you might like to check out. Or, you might know some more that should be added. If so, please feel free to contact us and let us know.

The List

  • fWhip
  • Luke TheNotable
  • ShadowMech
  • Forge Labs
  • GeminiTay
  • Fixxit 412
  • Mumbo Jumbo – From Hermitcraft. Known for his redstone expertise and his amazing mustache.
  • Grian – From Hermitcraft and founder of Wynncraft. He has a series of building tutorials on his YouTube channel that are very helpful if you want to learn how to build unique things in Minecraft.
  • Bdubs
  • Keralis
  • xBCrafted
  • JoeHillSays
  • impulseSV
  • HazzaKyn – We can’t forget our very own, on staff influencer.
  • Scar
  • rendog
  • Tango
  • FalseSymmetry
  • docm77
  • Eyecraftmc – I have been watching some of this guy’s videos lately as he has been covering some of the upcoming features in the latest snapshots. His presentation style is mature and easy to follow.
  • MegRae – Based on her voice I would guess MegRae might be under 18 but age doesn’t matter. Maturity does. Regardless of what her actual age might be (and I could be totally mistaken in my guess) she presents an excellent series of tutorials on using World Edit which is more useful to our staff than players on the server and building in general. She is a very talented artist by any measure.


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