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Norse Settlement on New Caledonia Phase 1

There are a lot of different sources for the lore which we have worked into our server and the stories of the Rétglainn Occulti sector. When Kysh and I first started this community as a small Bedrock Realm back in 2017 we were both avid players of the Blizzard game Starcraft so a lot of the early elements of the Valosani race were inspired by the Protoss of that game and the early prototypes of the Gorg were loosely based on the Zerg race from Starcraft. But a lot has changed since then and our creations kind of took on a life of their own, a culture of their own and a history of their own along the way. I’ve also been a fan of history, folklore and mythology for many years myself. Especially Celtic and to a lesser degree Norse but really, I enjoy stories and histories from all cultures and like learning new things about people and their ancestors. I’ve read a lot of books over the years which drew from these sources and I’ve also been a fan of Sci-Fi for quite some time. So, we wanted to make this a place which could incorporate all of that story telling and somehow make it fit together in some sort of way while we also had fun doing it.

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I Like To Read

I think I’ve mentioned before that I enjoyed the Celtic Myth Podshow very much by Gary & Ruth Colcombe. As a kid I also used to read a lot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books including the Xanth novels by Piers Anthony, Clan of the Cave Bear and it’s following novels by Jean M. Auel, The Worthing Saga by Orson Scott Card, Bio Of A Space Tyrant series of novels also by Piers Anthony, It Came from Schenectady by Barry Longyear, several assorted books by the likes of Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Terry Pratchett, oh can’t forget Hitchikers Guide and The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe by Douglas Adams, all of the J.R.R. Tolkien middle-earth books and several other great authors I’m sure I am forgetting to mention right now. Later in life I read the Rowan Gant Investigations by M.R. Sellars and the Tufa Tales by Alex Bledsoe as well as the Ishmael novels by Daniel Quinn. All great stuff that I recommend anyone to take the time to delve into as well. Oh! How can I forget American Gods by Neil Gaiman as one example of another great writer whose stories have inspired me.

Venus On The Halfshell, Stranger In A Strange Land… The list could go on forever I am sure but, you get the point.


These days I hang out often on places like the SCP Foundation page and its sister site The Wanderer’s Library and on reddit I like the Writing Prompts subreddit for a place to get ideas for things to come up with stories about. Although I haven’t written much lately, I do intend for that to change in the near future. What I am hoping to create is a world where we can immerse ourselves in our stories though. I want to develop more NPCs and associated quests which tie some of our stories together with the many great builds our players and staff have created. I want there to be themed mini-games and events which also fit the overall collection of stories. But all of this takes time of course and I have to juggle this hobby with my full time job, family and life in general. But, these are my sources of inspiration and these are the dreams I hope to turn into a reality of sorts, digital though it may be, where we can all get together and build, play, explore and keep the stories flowing.


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