Saving Worlds The Kysh Way

Andarius listened intently to the transmission coming across the Retglainn Occulti sector from Kysh on New Caledonia Phase 2 as they updated him on details of the structure and refugee transfer. The signal constantly drifted in and out and bursts of static made entire sentences undecipherable in places but the gist of the message was that Kysh had completed the “data” project. A complete simulation backup of both New Caledonia original, Phase 1 and New Caledonia Phase 2. These weren’t the real thing but for those who chose to have their minds uploaded to them, they would be real enough. People could visit and even live in simulated versions of these worlds pre-Cataclysm as if Donn and the rift wars never happened. Perhaps a little peace of mind for those who have been through so much during the exodus to Hy-Brasil as their homes were torn assunder.

Meanwhile, in real time, New Caledonia Phase 2 has become a war torn wasteland. Warlords, Resurrected Adherents and other creatures of Donn’s eldritch armies ravaged the overworld. Some reports have even stated that Ghasts or creatures like them had escaped the underworld and were wreaking havoc on the surface. These days, it is sometimes difficult to tell where Hel ends and the surface begin. Kysh was preparing the last groups of refugees to depart before facing off with Donn as he readied his ship for battle in the asteroid field. The multi-dimensional beings there flitted in and out stealing what they could before Specters dispersed them.


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