Stop, Hey What’s That Sound?

There it was again! Like the fluttering of a thousand small sets of wings intermingled with childlike laughter and jovial music. Andarius had experienced something similar when visiting his friend Gregor MacInnes in Nova Falias on New Caledonia Phase One prior to the great cataclysm. Then, as now, no one else seemed to notice it. Andarius attributed that to his heightened sensitivity to psionic wavelengths due to his sensory tendrils which adorned his head much like the hair on human heads. All Valosani naturally had these tendrils but their level of sensitivity and how their associated heightened psionic abilities manifested themselves varied from individual to individual based primarily on genetics and training. Andarius was of the Warrior caste within Valosani culture but, in a very rare pairing on his home planet of N’Goras, he was also an adherent of the Da’sheem caste with the judicial and leadership responsibilities that caste holds as well as its devotion to the sciences and to the psionic arts which were practiced with a devoutly religious fervor and creed. So, he was both warrior and arbiter of peace embodied in one. Such warriors were referred to as Spectral Warriors or Specters as they employed both prowess in combat as well as the psionic arts but with a temperance to only employ deadly force when no other avenue to avoid it presents itself.

The Da’sheem Valosani prefer to communicate with one another telepathically as entire thoughts, concepts and patterns can be transferred from mind to mind without the inherent misunderstanding and miscommunication which so often accompanies manual communication. But, these humans and others who live here have only fleeting and nascent psionics abilities for the most part. Although, there are some exceptions, some rare examples who are gifted with rather remarkable abilities in that regard. 

In any event, when Andarius last encountered this odd sound in Nova Falias and inquired of his human friend Gregor about it, Gregor waved it away saying that it is “the workings of the wee folk and best to leave it be. For they do not appreciate having their affairs meddled with by the likes of us and it’s best not to get on their bad side.” But Andarius could not leave it alone this time. His curiosity had the better of him and he wanted to know what, if anything, these creatures might have to do with the strange happenings on Hy-Brasil and the other planets in the New Caledonia system. Perhaps if he could reveal their secrets he could find a way to restore some sanity to this place, maybe even find a way back home. Maybe…


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