Our Backstory

Mambird Story Intro
Mambird Story Intro

Our story takes place in the Rétglainn Occulti (Hidden Stars) sector in some far away galaxy where science and technology cross paths with the supernatural and the mystical. In this place modern, futuristic and medieval all find their way to this mysterious place. Hy-Brasil, so named because the human settlers who first came to this cluster of planets in a grouping of livable worlds they named the New Caledonia system thought the world very much resembled ancient tales of their ancestors about an island to the west of Éireann on old Earth which would mysteriously vanish then reappear. So, too, did this world seem to evade scanners and probes from passing ships. When the first landing parties arrived they found the place already populated by humans who told tales of being transported here in a mysterious fog or, being tricked into traveling here through a tunnel under a tree which belonged to the aos sí or Sìth depending on who you talked to. Here, also, were other sentient beings such as the Valosani, the Gorg and Mambirds who had their own stories of how they ended up here. Was this place some sort of trap of time and space set by an ancient and powerful race of beings, or perhaps gods of some sort? Was it some kind of anomaly in which normal physics did not apply so the occasional wandering being simply ended up here by happenchance? Can the answers be found by exploring this world and learning its secrets?


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