Feature Highlight – Usable Bookshelves

A book on the shelf catches your eye…

Did you know that if you interact with a bookshelf, any bookshelf, even ones you’ve made and placed yourself, throughout our Minecraft Server you can place or receive books from them? Not enchanted books but written books. Try right clicking (or however interact works on your client) any bookshelf some time and it will either say that it appears to be empty or it will say that a book inside catches your eye. You never know where a book of lore might have been hidden in some random bookshelf somewhere so it pays to look around. Some have even suggested that this feature would be fun to use for a scavenger hunt or similar type of event. You can even write your own books and hide them away in shelves for others to find by simply holding the book in your hand and right clicking an empty bookshelf with it. Again, only with written books, not enchanted ones. Give it a try the next time you’re on!

Oh, there don’t appear to be any books here, perhaps you could add one?


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