Are We LGBTQ+ Friendly? Yes!

A recent guest visiting our server asked if we are LGBT+ friendly and we all (all of us who were online at the time) chimed in that we are indeed. A good many of the players and staff on the server do come from various places on the spectrums of sexuality as well as gender identity. But, the fact that the question comes up got me to thinking. That’s not something I have addressed on the website or in our advertising. Yet and I do see the question pop up a lot. I’ve seen it on some of the forums and places that servers advertise so I figured I should do up a blog post that covers it.

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While, we don’t talk a lot about sex and sexuality here, it does occasionally come up in the roleplaying and lore. Yes, we are friendly to people of all sorts. As I told the person who asked, I might be the only hetero around for all I know and that’s okay. Personally, I try to be friendly to anyone who isn’t an asshole. While we’re at it, I might add that we are 420 friendly as well for that matter. We don’t judge anyone for their lifestyle or things that they like. We’re just here to have a good time. We are an easy going community playing together, exploring together, building together and telling stories together.

We Get Along With All Nice People

Variety is truly the spice of life and as the old saying goes. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. I would rather live in a world where everyone is different and interesting than one in which everyone is compelled to conform to some accepted “community standard”. So, if you’re wondering if we’re friendly to any sort of religious, ethnic, sexuality, or gender the answer is yes. This goes for pretty much anything you might consider outside of the mainstream.

We like everyone who’s not a jerk. If you’re a live and let live sort of person too, I’m sure you’ll get along just fine. You might even make some new friends and who couldn’t use a few more of those, right? If you enjoy our community and would like to help it grow, consider becoming a donor perhaps?


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