Are There 18+ Minecraft / Minetest Servers?

Oh, you bet there are. In fact a recent search for “adult Minecraft servers” revealed a forum post from 2013 from someone asking why all Minecraft servers advertising as mature or adult were 18+. So, servers like these have been around for a good while now. In fact, the average Minecraft player is a 24 year old male according to recently published statistics.

A nude skin from the Nova Skin Editor website. Work safe angle.

Our primary focus is NOT on sex and nudity but, as an adult server and as a lore and roleplay server these and other subjects of an adult nature do occasionally find their way into the story line or just the roleplay and shenanigans that take place. We’re mostly into casually building stuff, exploring and making up stories to go with what we find or build. We try to make our stories as interactive as possible as we play along.

We recently had someone show up in Guest Mode (No longer available.) thinking they were going to shock us with one of these nude skins. The usual troll who goes around seeing if they can get banned. Instead, we all had a real good laugh at their expense and made some jokes about their twig and berries. They left, apparently disappointed that they didn’t get the response they were looking for. Lol! Skins like these are easily obtainable from places like Nova Skin.

Intended For Mature Audiences

As we say in a great many of our ads, this is a server for adults to hang out and while the subject matter isn’t always aimed at only the 18+ crowd, such material is there and that’s why we are so adamant about verifying age before allowing member level admittance. We want to discourage underage people from trying to gain access to things they probably shouldn’t have access to as well as protect the environment for our adult players. Most of the Minecraft server listing sites have sections devoted to adult Minecraft servers like ours. As the overall player base of Minecraft and Minetest enthusiasts are aging, more and more of them are becoming adults who still enjoy Minecraft and Minetest because they are such versatile games.

So, whether you have never played before yourself or are an old pro, you are never too old to enjoy a great game. Dive in and and give it a try. You never know how much you might like it until you do.


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