The Tri-Ton History

The Tri-ton are a race that share the same goal with their distant ant ancestors: to spread and conquer. Tri-ton come in 3 shapes, the smaller workers about 4 to 5 feet large, who do all the building and decision making, the alates, 9 foot large winged Tri-Ton who will become future kings and queens, and the queen, who’s sole purpose is to lay eggs and maintain the population of the colony. The efficiency of the Tri-Ton lies in their eusocial nature. While they do have sentience, the workers often automatically decide to help with a project started by one worker. What can start as a small greenhouse can become a massive garden as maybe half of the colony pitches in. Where the workers lack in size they make up for in general combat ability, and that is multiplied as they never make encounters alone.


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